Kids don’t say the pledge — wrong

Kids don't say the pledge -- wrong

We see this sort of self-righteous stuff a lot when it comes to generational differences — typically, the writer lists things that are different between two generations (a list of “facts”) and declares the older generation superior (a value judgment) — but this one is especially wearisome since it doesn’t even have a fact on which to stand as it puffs out its chest.

My wife works in the front office of a public high school of 1,600 kids in an area so liberal that Bill O’Reilly says people here commune with Satan (if you don’t know BillO: he thinks people who disagree with his politics are evil), and my wife leads the entire school in the pledge of allegiance, over the public address system, every morning. Every. Single. Morning.

Our six kids have attended at least six of the area public schools, and they said the pledge of allegiance every morning.  Every. Single. Morning.

In fact, as I understand it, there are only five or six states that don’t set aside time in each school day for saying the pledge.

Really, folks, if you’re going to post self-congratulatory memes, it is prudent to at least poke around on the Internet to see if you have even a hint of a fact to stand on.



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